Security Consultancy

Thefts and frauds involving an employee are a growing area of concern for the business community.
The police no longer have the time or inclination to deploy resources to tackle this growing problem and if they do, the individual remains suspended from the workplace for many months, at huge expense to the company. Not only does the company have to pay his or her wages but also those of the person covering for the suspended worker, often by means of overtime.

How Can MRW Help my Business?

¨ Trained Investigators conduct a thorough, professional investigation.

¨ We utilise the latest technology including covert cameras to achieve this aim.

¨ We interview witnesses and obtain their written statements.

¨ We interview the suspect.

¨ We provide a complete package to the employer to enable disciplinary proceedings to be undertaken.

¨ We supply a complete file to the police to ensure prompt action is taken by them.

We offer you a complete service, starting with the initial complaint, interviewing the suspect(s) and present, in a timely manner, a completed file to you.
We can then advise on the suitability of undertaking disciplinary proceeding prior to police involvement.
This is often a cost effective method ensuring any suspension of a worker is minimal.
We would then communicate with the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service on your behalf. This saves many frustrating months of waiting for their attendance and action.

Evidence obtained by our members fully complies with the Criminal Justice Act and is of a standard acceptable to the criminal courts. Further, all our members are experienced in giving evidence in the civil and criminal courts, including employment tribunals.

Companies who do not undertake the correct procedures during a disciplinary investigations risk becoming embroiled in costly civil law suits. Using the services we offer saves time and money spent on legal fees during appeals and tribunals.